Home Inspection Services

Why Do I need a Home Inspection?

Purchasing a new home or property is  one of the biggest and most costly decisions of your life.  It is an  investment for you and your financial future.  Therefore, it is of  utmost importance to have the structural integrity of your property  examined by a well qualified licensed inspector.  Only after a detailed  inspection will you find the confidence and solace you need to move  forward with your investment.  Below are the home inspection services I provide, I also provide specialty inspections upon request.  I look  forward to working with you and providing you the best service in the  Greater Puget Sound.  Please contact me with any questions you may have. - Mike 


Home Inspection Types


Pre-Buyer Inspection

A pre-buyer inspection is a home inspection ordered by the buyer for a single home, new home construction, condo or town home, multiplex, or a manufactured home.  It is for the benefit of the buyer as it details any major issues or deficiencies with the property such as safety hazards and longevity of structural and internal home systems.  This inspection will provide the buyer with a thorough and detailed  report of the home, full of pictures and explanations, giving the buyer confidence and peace of mind. Home inspection costs are dependent on the size and scale of the property. All inspections include thermal imaging. 


Seller Inspections

This inspection is used by the seller to assist with getting the property ready for market.  Having  a seller inspection is a great way to avoid any unexpected issues that  could arise when going into contract. 


11 Month Warranty Inspection

Do you have a 1 year home warranty?  Schedule your 11 month home warranty  inspection to discover if there are any problems, damages, or concerns  that can be addressed and fixed by the builder - covered by the warranty  and free of charge to you.  We can also discuss home maintenance to keep  your home like-new for years to come.

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