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This  is a non-intrusive method for inspecting interior and exterior walls,  ceilings, and other large surfaces quickly and precisely to locate areas  of moisture intrusions, plumbing leaks, potential electrical problems  and many other applications.  This allows the inspector an added visual  verification to assist in a more accurate inspection of an issue.  Also,  this technology confirms the existing moisture meter equipment  inspections and adds more clarity to the issues found.  It is to be  understood that Thermal Imaging measures apparent temperature  differentials through the use of Thermal Imaging equipment, but does not  see through walls.

Thermal Imaging Disclosure.  Clients understand that thermal scanning measures apparent temperature  differentials through thermal imaging; but, does not see through walls.  It allows us to see more than the naked eye, such as damaged or  insufficient insulation, air gaps, and moisture leaks.  There is no  guarantee that all issues will be found with thermal scanning and no warranty provided for services rendered.  All findings are the  inspectors opinions and should be further investigated by qualified  contractors.  Client agrees that MKhominspections, LLC assumes no  responsibility or liability for cost of repairing or replacing any undiscovered defects.

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